Keeping Pets Safe with Cat and Dog Microchipping in Wayne, NJ

Imagine the unthinkable: You open the front door and your pet spots a pesky bird or squirrel and zips right past you. It happens in the blink of an eye, and can come with a lot of uncertainty if your pet manages to get away from you. In fact,


will go missing. We recommend microchipping your pet to increase their safety and provide a permanent connection to you in case of a situation just like this one.

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Why We Recommend Microchipping Your Pet

While collars and ID tags are great ways to identify your pet, those can break or fall off. Cat and dog microchipping permanently connects your pet to you through a tiny chip that is implanted between your pet’s shoulder blades. This microchip can then be scanned at veterinary hospitals or animal rescues, and you can be securely contacted and reunited with your pet! It is an easy, painless procedure that can increase the likelihood of a happy reunion if you are ever separated from your pet.

How to Prevent Missing Pets

Our pets are loyal companions, but it’s possible for them to become overwhelmed or distracted in new environments and potentially slip away from you. If you frequently bring your dog or cat out and about with you, here are some tips to help keep your pet safe and prevent them from getting lost:

Pet Identification

An ID tag with your pet’s name, proof of vaccination and your contact information is a must have for any dog or cat, especially if you take them with you outside the home. The tag can readily supply your contact information to your pet’s rescuer if they are separated from you. Dog and cat microchipping is another useful way to not only identify your pet, but also increase the chances of being reunited with your beloved companion.

Well Fitting Collars & Leashes

A leash and collar play an important role in keeping your pet safely by your side while outside your home, but did you know the size of these accessories matters too? If your pet’s collar is too loose, your dog or cat can easily slip away from you. If the collar is too tight, it can cause some discomfort or possibly pain for your pet. When purchasing a leash and collar for your pet, it’s important to consider the size and width. A comfortably fitting collar will allow you to place two fingers between the collar and your pet’s neck. Larger pets will require a wider leash to securely keep them with you.

Appropriate Training

Training your pet can be a big task, and requires plenty of patience on the part of the owner. While training your pet isn’t necessarily mandatory, it can increase your pet’s safety and provide you with peace of mind in a variety of situations. Adequate training means your pet can respond to your command regardless of their surroundings. It can take a lot of time and patience, but is well worth the benefits.

Have a Plan in Place

In case the worst does happen, and your pet manages to run off, make sure you remain calm. We suggest informing friends and neighbors to be on the lookout for your pet. Posting on social media with recent photos of your pet is a great way to spread the word as well as help people know what to look for.

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