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Spay and neuter surgery is yet another essential service that can benefit the

health and behavior

of dogs and cats in Wayne, NJ. Our team recommends dogs and cats to be spayed or neutered after completing their puppy and kitten shots between 6-8 months of age. This recommendation may vary, and your veterinarian can provide a tailored recommendation during your next visit to our animal hospital.

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How Does Spay and Neuter Surgery Benefit My Pet?

At Wishing Well Veterinary Hospital, we strive to preserve your pet’s quality of life by providing them with high quality care that helps them live happier, healthier lives. Spay and neuter surgery can benefit all pets in a range of ways by reducing health risks, improving behavior, and allowing dogs and cats to live safer, healthier lives. These benefits include:


  • Save dogs and cats from the discomfort of heat cycles and ward off the urge to roam or seek male pets’ attention
  • Suppress the likelihood of pyometra, a deadly uterine infection
  • Prevent the development of mammary cancer


  • Lower the risk of aggressive behavior including spraying, mounting, and roaming
  • Avoid the enlargement of the prostate gland
  • Cure/prevent testicular cancer

Improving Every Pet’s Quality of Life

Although these cat and dog sterilization procedures prevent reproduction, this can also help lessen the homeless pet population in our area and help animal shelters provide more effective care for dogs and cats already in their care. There are about 6.5 million animals in shelters and many are often euthanized due to lack of good homes or adequate shelter space. You can help to reduce this risk by having your pet safely and responsibly spayed or neutered. Help us care for all pets, and talk to your veterinarian about your dog or cat’s spay and neuter surgery today.

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