Performing Cat and Dog Surgery
in Wayne, NJ

Hearing your beloved companion needs surgery can be overwhelming, but

rest assured

at Wishing Well Veterinary Hospital, our team is here to guide you through the process of your pet’s procedure. Our goal is to maintain the comfort and safety of all dogs and cats throughout this process and ensure a successful recovery. We use advanced technology and provide client education to maximize your pet’s safety from the pre-anesthetic exam to post-op recovery.

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Soft Tissue Surgeries We Perform

Our animal hospital is equipped with complex technology and our highly trained team of veterinarians can perform a variety of soft tissue surgeries to help improve the quality of your pet’s life including:

Spay & Neuter

Mass Removal

Fracture Repair

Laceration Repair

Ocular Procedures

ACL Surgery


Our Safe Surgical Protocol in Wayne, NJ

While dog and cat surgery is safer now than it was many years ago, there are still some risks involved. The team at Wishing Well takes your pet’s safety seriously, and to increase their safety during surgery, we perform a thorough physical examination and pre-anesthetic blood screening to check for underlying issues such as clotting disorders, liver and kidney abnormalities and anemia. Our team will also place an IV catheter to monitor your pet’s blood pressure as well as provide fluids to maintain proper hydration throughout the procedure.

Caring for Your Pet After Surgery

Our team always strives to be transparent with you about your pet’s care, which is why we are happy to walk you through the cat and dog surgery process, as well as what to expect once your companion is out of surgery. We will provide aftercare instructions to help ensure your pet gets back on their paws smoothly. If you have any questions about post-op recovery, please contact our animal hospital and our team would be happy to help!

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