Providing Cat and Dog Pain Relief
in Wayne, NJ

The team at Wishing Well Veterinary Hospital holds your pet’s

health and comfort

as our top priority. Pain in pets is just as common as it is in humans, but unfortunately, our pets can’t vocalize how they’re feeling. Luckily, our team can provide cat and dog pain relief in Wayne, NJ. We can also educate clients on the types of pain we usually see and what to look for if you suspect your companion is experiencing any pain.

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What is Acute Pain?

Acute pain may occur due to an injury, surgery, inflammation, or infection and inhibit your pet’s ability to walk and move around. Thankfully, this type of pain is usually short-lived as it is easily treated when the condition causing it is cured.

What is Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain is more difficult to treat as it is typically longer lasting than acute pain. In addition, it can be challenging to diagnose because pets can eventually adapt to it and more easily hide any symptoms. Chronic pain may be the result of various diseases or illnesses including arthritis, cancer, or bone disease.

Signs of Pain in Pets

Pets can’t tell us if they are uncomfortable or if they are feeling any pain. Depending on the cause of your pet’s pain and the type of pain they are experiencing, it may be more difficult to diagnose. Our team can provide medication and various management methods to offer your dog or cat pain relief. Look out for the following signs to help assess if your pet is in pain:

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